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Fitness Heights Intl

Tour the Monument Runs

Lace up, take photos in the Nation's capitol. Historical Run!

Run through the historic Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson, Martin Luther King Memorial, World War II Memorial, The National Mall, the Monument, Haines Point, the Smithsonian and the US Capitol, Embassy Row. Includes a short historical lecture and healthy snacks, grab a partner, a group or plan a team challenge.

Tour the monuments Run! Lecture and Healthy Snacks included!
Take your choice of a Brisk morning run before commuters 12 noon run. Schedule a Sat afternoon for a group. You have the group, we have the Run through History.  Experience an intimate encounter with what makes our nation's capital great. Learn while you burn.

Workouts that offer variety, scenery and can fit in your lifestyle without taking up too much time.


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Fitness Heights International Running Group
Train for a 5K, 10K, 10 Miler, Half Marathon or Marathon with a supportive Group. 

Includes customized Training Plan, Defined Routes, Training Lectures: Heart Rate Training, Proper Gear Selection, Pre-and Post Race Nutrition Options, Preparing for Race Day

3 months Running Group Training

Ultimate package for Runners and Walkers train with a certifed running coach, pace runners and walkers. professional group networking. Run together for local races and/or travel with the group to a destination race.

5K to Marathon training for 4-5 months, 1 or 2 days a week, includes fitness assessment, custom group training plans and healthy lectures,running sessions,
Voucher holders and prepaid customers use the online class registration link to sign up and input your voucher number. 

Brick workouts: Supplement your training with 6 weeks  of Agility, Speed work, Hill training 2x/wk.

Sharpening your training will help you build endurance, prepare for transition races, increase speed and move closer to beating your Personal Record.

Workouts include:  Bike/Run, Stairs/Hills, Sprints/Drills, agility/Distance and more. A boost to outperform any workout.

4 Weeks Agility, Intervals, Speed Work endurance building workouts M 6:30 pm and Sat 8 am.

Have you been stuck at the same pace for years. Not sure how to increase your pace. Lets us help you with 6 weeks of interval training workouts: Meet 2xs/wk for 6 weeks to boost your performance, increase your energy and pace training with these sessions.

Register using the link above! To see the class schedule, click here! If you have already paid! Lace up and get ready to sprint to the start!