Boot Camp for Runners and all Levels: Supplement your Cardio with a 30 Day Unlimted Class:  Total Body sculpting: Abs, Legs, Posture, Strength.




Mix up the workout with resistance, core training, agility and strength. Take your body to a higher levell with workouts proven to give you a challenge.
Boot Camp Class Locations:
DC Cardozo High School
Meet at 11th/Florida Ave NW
M 6:30 pm  Sat. 8am

DC Galludet University
800 Florida Ave NE
Meet on Track (HIIT Workout)
M/Fri 6 5:30 to 6am or 6 am to 6:30 am

Silver Spring, MD
Sligo Creek/Waye
Meet on Track at SSI Middle School
TuTh (6 to 7 pm)



30 Day Unlimted Boot Camp Classes: Body Sculpting By Design

Pre-paid clients, can register online for your classes.

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3 Month Unlimited Boot Camp Classes: Increase strength, Power and  redefine your muscles.
One muscle at a time! One weight level at a time! Persistence Push and Perserverance will get you to the next level.
3 Month Unlimited Boot Camp Pass : Persistence! Push and Perserverance to a higher level!